Cannabis Seeds - The Best Strains For Avoiding Paranoia. (2023)

Paranoia from smoking the wrong kind of weed or too much of itis nor fun. You only wanted to relax after a busy day and feel all snug and happy, but instead, you spend what feels like an eternity listening at the door and biting your nails. Whatever fear lay hidden deep inside you now feels like an imminent threat, out to get you for sure this time.

Don’t you hate that?Wedo so let’s look at why weed makes you paranoid and what kind of weed doesn't cause paranoia all available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

How to avoid feeling paranoid when smoking weed.

  • It’s a common observation that people who are naturally fearful and distrustful are the most prone to get paranoid when high on weed. So, if instead of feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, you only experience bone-chilling terror after a few tokes, maybe marijuana isn’t your thing.
  • Choose a CBD cannabis seeds
  • Cannabis is chock-full of these aromatic substances. Some of them, like myrcene, make the high even more profound. Others, like caryophyllene, make you less paranoid. It’s even recommended to chew some black pepper (it’s rich in caryophyllene) when paranoia seizes you in its cold, hard grip.

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Green Crack Auto Feminised Cannabis Seedsby Fast Buds.

With 20% THC and a name like that, it’s clear that Green Crack Auto cannabis seeds is all about the mental and physical stimulation – focus, clarity, motivation, and tons of creative ideas. Green Crack Auto cannabis seedsis perfect for when you want to get things done and then just chill, after the initial Sativa energy is replaced by a deep, happy relaxation. This is the best strain to begin your daily 4:20 smoking session, or to get that final surge of energy to finish work before commuting back home.

Green Crack Auto weed seeds from FastBuds is yet another feminized auto flowering version of a legendary and classic American cannabis strain. FastBuds breeders really hit the jackpot with this easy-to-grow weed that has killer potency and brings in oversized yields.

This famous American variety, Green Crack Auto weed seedscarries the legacy of Skunk #1 and a choice phenotype of an Afghani Indica. To make it flower automatically, FastBuds have crossed this legend with their best Ruderalis genetics. However, the resulting auto is the same as its photoperiod parent, leaning hugely to the Sativa side of the spectrum.

The effects of Green Crack Auto cannabis seeds are what we usually associate with Sativa-dominant strains: energetic and uplifting, leaving you happy, focused, clear-headed, and creative for 1.5-2 hours. After that, be sure to find a place to park your butt, because this is when the Indica side with its euphoric relaxation comes into play.

Green Crack Auto cannabis seedsis definitely more for experienced users, because the crazy percentage of THC (20%) will make the high a rollercoaster ride for a beginner or when you accidentally overindulge. Green Crack Auto weed seeds is a highly potent bud with psychedelic potential, although its CBD content, testing at 0.7%, ensures that the effects don’t cause paranoia.

The aromas and flavors ofGreen Crack Auto cannabis seeds are sweet and citrusy with earthy undertones. The presence of myrcene, pinene, and probably other terpenes also makes some Green Crack Auto weed seeds phenos redolent of mangos.

This is another aspect where Green Crack Auto cannabis seedsshines. Though easy to grow, these plants routinely produce XXL harvests of up to 650g/m² (2.1oz/ft2) indoors, while outdoors, yields of 300g (10.6oz) per plant are quite possible.

Marmalate Early V Feminised Cannabis Seeds byDelicious Seeds.

MarmalateCannabis seeds is a feminised cannabis strain from Delicious Seeds that combines the looks of a Sativa variety with the effects of an Indica. Despite its high THC content, effects from Marmalate Early Version weed seeds tend to be very pleasant, with psychoactive effects that are fairly mild. With its sweet taste and intense aromas, Marmalate Early Version weed seeds is a relaxing strain that can be enjoyed any time or day of the week.

Marmalate Early Version weed seeds is a feminized cannabis variety with about 21% THC. While this amount is relatively high, bouts of paranoia with this strain are fairly rare (so long as you control your intake amount, of course). Instead, you’re likely to feel pleasant cerebral stimulation followed by a medium body high. With its 70% Indica/30% Sativa profile,MarmalateCannabis seedseffects are much more in line with other Indica varieties.

Marmalate Early Version weed seeds has a very strong and sweet aroma, which you can taste when inhaling the smoke. Packed with trichomes, the most common flavor you’re likely to detect is of lollipops and grapes. This sweetness is highlighted by hints of vanilla, while notes of pine just underneath add a pleasant bit of complexity to its flavor profile.

Marmalate Early Version weed seeds is a refreshingly easy feminized cannabis strain to grow and is suitable for almost any grow medium, both indoors and outdoors. Marmalate Early Version weed seeds is ready for harvest in early September if grown outdoors or after 45 days indoors.

MarmalateCannabis seedsis a cross between Marmalate and a Ruderalis. It’s very similar to regular Marmalate weed seedsand, like its parent strain, also has physical characteristics of a Sativa plant while producing an Indica-like high. Also like Marmalate, Marmalate Early Version cannabis seedsis an excellent choice for medicinal users, and it is a powerful analgesic suitable for use any time of the day or week.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

As soon as the original Girl Scout Cookies Autocannabis seeds buds were put on the market, they became an instant hit, and growers all over the globe were eager to try them. However, it was an incredibly complex task to recreate this tasty and potent Indica as auto flowering seeds. Even so, Fastbuds managed to do just that. Girl Scout Cookies Autocannabis seedssmells like its name suggests, and produces a relaxing, euphoric, giggly high that’s best enjoyed in a company. Just warn your friends: 22% THC is no laughing matter!

Girl Scout Cookies Auto cannabis seeds isa cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison has been winning awards since its introduction to the grower’s scene, and has become breeding material for many great new strains. Now, the breeders at FastBuds have created a fully auto flowering GSC variety.

Girl Scout Cookies Autocannabis seedsfrom FastBuds is a cross between an outstanding phenotype of the original American GSC and a Canadian Ruderalis which, after years of development, provides the original Cookies experience in fast-finishing auto flower form.

Girl Scout Cookies Autocannabis seedshas a well-balanced Indica/Sativa buzz that’s very social and creative, and without any paranoia, anxiety, or couch-lock. Used medicinally, Girl Scout Cookies Autocannabis seedsis great for relieving chronic pain, neuropathy, muscle spasms, and treating PTSD and multiple sclerosis, as well as helping with asthma, epilepsy, glaucoma, and migraines, among other ailments.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto weed seedsis known for its potency, and this auto flowering version is no different in that regard, usually testing at over 20% THC. CBD content is about average at 0.6%, meaning that it will contribute to the mellowing out of the effects while also carrying medicinal properties.

The name of this strain betrays its flavor. The terpene profile is a mix of a sweet and a caramel smell, just like in a pastry shop. The taste is sweet and deep, with a hint of candies and caramel and a nice aftertaste.

One square meter of Girl Scout Cookies Autocannabis seedsindoor produces 500-650g of high-quality buds (1.6-2.1oz/ft2). Outdoor yields vary between 70-300g/plant (2.5-10.6oz), depending on the climate, weather, and amount of care you can provide.

Being an Indica-dominant variety, Girl Scout Cookies Auto weed seeds finishes in 8-9 weeks from sprouting, with indoor plants maturing a bit faster than outdoor ones.

Tropicanna Banana Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Meet Tropicanna Banana cannabis seedsis a feminised cannabis strain, which has become the hottest sensation coming from the legendary Barney’s Farm. Take a deep breath because this wild cocktail of the most potent marijuana genetics in the game is ready to overflow at any moment! TropicannaBanana cannabis seeds isgoing to be just impossible not to drown in the mind-blowing 2000g/plant yield of these fruity mouthwatering buds and their cheerful effects.

Fizzy cocktails, warm nights on the beach, laughter with your friends: These are the things that make up the spirit of Tropicanna Banana weed seeds. THC-infused, Sativa-dominant Tropicanna Banana weed seeds is ready to take you on a journey to the place where you feel right at home. Don’t you worry about anything!

A child of rightly famous and highly reliable cannabis lineage, which includes Girl Scout Cookies, Tangie, and Banana Kush, Tropicanna Banana weed seeds is a rising star that brings honor to the family tree.

Known for its therapeutic relaxing effects, Tropicanna Banana weed seeds will ease the tension in your shoulders while slapping a big holiday-esque smile across your face with its uplifting, cheerful high. This is the ultimate strain for a weekend off or a social gathering.

With TropicannaBanana cannabis seeds22-25% THC content, there’s no surprise as to why this tropical strain is so mood-enhancing.

A sweet tropical escape is provided by resin-rich buds oozing with delicious fruity terpenes. This already luscious flavor pallet becomes complete with a gradually unfolding taste of ripe bananas. Add to this an eccentric earthy aroma reminiscent of fertile equatorial lands, and you are there! Breezy and carefree.

Black Cherry Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds byPyramid Seeds USA Range.

Whether in your garden or in your stash, Black Cherry Punch cannabis seeds is a marvel to look at. These purple buds, frosted with large and prominent trichomes, pack so much THC and other cannabinoids that the smoke instantly numbs your body while the mind remains active and roaring with a rush of euphoria. Black Cherry Punch cannabis seeds isalso has a deliciously thick flavor of earth, along with an intense berry-like sweetness. The moment you inhale this smoke, you know you’ll be grinning ear-to-ear for the next several hours

Black Cherry Punch weed seeds from Pyramid Seeds come in the form of Indica-dominant cannabis seeds that truly do pack a punch with their 25% THC and sweet berry aroma and taste. Black Cherry Punch cannabis seedsalso produce instant pain relief and a surge of uplifting spirits.

Black Cherry Punch weed seeds was developed using the lineage of Black Cherry Kush and Cherry Pie. These two colorful parents are what gives Black Cherry weed seeds her characteristic purple buds and orange hairs coming from those resin-packed flowers. With both parents delivering relaxing, mood-lifting effects, it’s no surprise that Black Cherry Punch weed seeds delivers this and then some.

These flavors are paired with her intense cerebral high relax both mind and body, but without compromising on focus, and provide an unforgettable experience.

The cannabinoid content of Black Cherry Punch weed seeds is astounding: with 25% THC and 1% CBD, it’s a strong medicine for numerous ailments of the mind and body. Such a high potency also ensures that tolerance will be very slow to build up.

Black Cherry Punch weed seeds delivers flavors like no other with its rich terpene profile, giving notes of cherry, earthy flavors and blueberry pie, all cutting through a woody aroma.

With a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, Black Cherry Punch weed seeds are moderately fast, which allows Northern Hemisphere growers to harvest fully mature buds in September.

These cannabis seeds are great for keeping paranoia down to a minimum so shop today with us at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

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